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Since 1996

At Cowie Capital we Partner, Invest, Operate and Build. Founded in 1996, Cowie Capital has continued expand and diversify. while following a range of dynamic strategies to find success within various markets. Cowie Capital takes pride in investing alongside all capital and development partners. With the ability to manage all aspects of an asset’s transformation, Cowie Capital takes a hands-on approach to ensure security, longevity and operational efficiency of an investment.

Meet our executive and founding team.

Cowie Capital Partners inc. was founded by Mike and Mark Cowie in 1996 to manage their portfolio of commercial real estate assets. Cowie Capital has since grown into a diversified real estate and investment firm with a growing team of dedicated professionals.

Our Strategy

Cowie Capital focuses on assets that have Value Add opportunities. Whether it is an asset modernization, a complete development or a strategic partnership with industry partners, Cowie Capital’s mission is to drive profitability in through all assets and projects. The Cowie Capital team has a large range of real estate knowledge and expertise. With the ability to first analyze potential value in opportunities followed by the ability to fully execute this strategy internally. This enables Cowie Capital to implement full project control to ensure success.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol